My Full-Restored
Corbin Baby Ace


This Baby Ace was built in 1977 by a master craftsman. Has had only three owners (I am the third) since certified.

I just completed a full fabric-off restoration. Very few issues found, all addressed. Fresh annual and full safety check July this year.

Engine: 1420 SMOH -- Powered by a strong C75 engine which runs like new. Good compression all around. No unusual oil consumption. New oil temp gauge installed.

Fabric installed this spring. Stewarts System used.

Here are some pictures of the plane and it's restoration.

Below: Wing opened for the first time in 40-years exposed pristine Sitka Spruce and
amazing crasftsmanship by builder, John Lunsford.


Metal frame welded by retired nuclear sub welder. Beautiful welds, no rest found.


Recovered with Ceconite using the Stewart non-toxic system. Excellent system.
Easy and clear and amazingly strong seams. Below finished wing is shown with grey
filler/primer before painting. Highly recommend the Stewart system and would use again.


After painting and WW I insignia applied

During her annual this July. (Only difference now is I replaced the plastic nose cone
with a smaller brushed aluminum one.

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Phone in California: 707-829-7038
Plane's location: Santa Rosa, California KSTS